The Local Government Automation Robot

Reduce the number of trivial calls by up to 80% – enabling your staff to focus on key tasks. Reduce your customer service costs through dynamic channel shift. Improve customer satisfaction by speeding up processes and improving completion rates

Automate Processes

Collect data to complete your existing forms or fully automate processes using APIs. 

Omni-channel and Accessible

Serve your citizens whenever and however they want, using their existing technologies. Ensure Accessibility by supporting multiple access channels whilst falling back on human intervention when necessary.

Decrease staff workload

Help citizens to self-serve and enable your staff to use their experience and apply their skills to higher value interactions.



It is not about simply deploying a chatbot. The key to enabling citizens to self-serve is to ensure there are efficient processes and a way to access them. The Local Authority Automation Robot has a library of common processes and enables the citizen to use them via their channel of choice.

The human touch

In the event of complex or unsatisfactory interactions, a handover to your existing, knowledgeable staff is actioned. All interactions are stored for later review and used to improve the model.

Doughnut diagram to demonstrate the omni-channel support of the Local Authority Automation Assistant


Powerful and Smart

The Local Authority Automation Robot has been created by aggregating the best leading-edge intelligent assistants deployed across the Public Sector since 2015.

Data Integration

Empower your Automation Robot by connecting existing databases, spreadsheets and other data sources

Exploit the power of AI

Natural Language Understanding enables your Automation Robot to identify your citizen intentions

Low Risk

Created with the power of IBM Watson Assistant so you can rely on high availability and stringent security


Simple Deployment and Integration

The Local Authority Automation Robot is deployed as a simple plug-in to most content management systems. You have full access to a wide range of APIs that enable you to create custom integrations.

The service can also be easily integrated with your telephone and instant messaging services and feature voice-to-text and text-to-voice capability. 

Process Library

Quickly onboard departments by using the pre-defined Process Library which contains over 80 common, citizen-centric processes.

Enabling Local Context

Many of your responses will likely need to provide a local context. This can be provided by editing the pre-defined responses or by working with our team of local government experts.

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