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Data management is an essential part of any organization‘s operations, and having an effective data management plan is essential in order to ensure that data is organized and used properly. KnowNow Information has a team of highly qualified and experienced experts who can help you to understand your data and how to use it effectively.


One of the tools that our team use is the KnowNow Data Management Canvas – developed in conjunction with the UK’s Energy Systems Catapult.


The KnowNow Data Management Canvas is a tool that can help you create a comprehensive data management plan quickly and easily. By using the KnowNow Data Management Canvas you can


  • Understand when your data becomes valuable and maximise that value.
  • Reduce data overload and the expense of processing.
  • Ensure that you consider Privacy-by-design from the outset
  • Move towards compliance to data protection legislation such as GDPR.
  • Reduces your customer’s fear of data abuse and of being monitored


The KnowNow Data Management Canvas Introduction module

Introducing the KnowNow Data Management Canvas

Getting Started

The first step is to hold a Data Management workshop with your management team and stakeholders. The workshop introduces staff to datamanagement tools such as the Data Management Canvas, enabling faster decisionmaking and increased productivity. It also provides guidance on establishing and maintaining data integrity, ensuring that information is accurate and uptodate.

The KnowNow Data Management Canvas is a visual framework that guides you and your team through the data management planning process. It is designed to help you identify the key components of a data management plan, such as data sources, stakeholders, data flows, and storage options. The canvas also helps you to understand the overall picture of your data management plan and ask the right questions.

The canvas itself lives on Mural and is interactive for local and remote workshops. It remains the property of your business and acts as a stepping-stone for a more mature data management process.

How the Canvas works

The KnowNow Data Management Canvas has five sections:

1 Understanding Data Stakeholders – Create personas and their data needs. Reveal the Data Threads that link the stakeholder to all the other aspects of your data management plan.

2 Data Sources and Collection – Where do you get the data from and how is it collected? Do you have any obligations, legal, regulatory or ethical implications?

3 Data Storage – What data do you store? How is it backed up? How should it be most efficiently stored?

4 Data Governance – Determine the personal data and the lawful basis on which it is processed. Audit and accounting (mostly for Public Sector). Access control. Responsibilities and due process. Your response process for external events such as breaches or data loss.

5 Data Sustainability – Ascertain the data value and the event horizon when transactions occur. Measure the legacy value after the transaction and who takes ownership of the data from there.


Try it here!

You can access the canvas using here


There is also a comprehensive guide to using the canvas available in our public GitHub repository here.


The cover of the Guide to the KnowNow Data Management Canvas


Getting to grips with your data

An effective business needs to understand the data that they create and use in their activities and processes. A workshop with KnowNow Information’s experienced team of experts can help unlock the value whilst reducing your operational risk.


The KnowNow Data Management Canvas is a powerful tool for creating an effective data management plan. It helps you identify the key components, organize them into categories, analyze them for potential risks or improvements, and select the appropriate storage options.

Whether you are looking to create value with your data, or to reduce your risk by demonstrating compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, KnowNow Information, with the help of the KnowNow Data Management Canvas, can create an effective data exploitation or data management plan in no time.


A time-to-value graph as used in the KnowNow Data Management Canvas

Data Management Canvas customers

The Connected Places Catapult

Line Undrawn

The Safe Check

The Maritime Innovation Gateway

Cambridge Electric Transport

“KnowNow Information, with the help of the KnowNow Data Management Canvas, can create an effective data exploitation or data management plan in no time!

David Patterson, KnowNow Information Managing Director

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