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Leveraging 20 years of experience with IBM. Including Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling and AI development.

What we Do

Your AI partner

IBM WatsonX is designed specifically for the enterprise, providing unparalleled confidence in the provenance and integrity of your data. At KnowNow Information, we are dedicated to helping organizations trial, test, and deploy IBM WatsonX capabilities to maximize their AI potential and drive business success.


AI Strategy Consulting


AI Solutions Integration

watsonx discovery

Understand and interact with your data in human-like ways.

watsonx data

Transform your data into actionable insights with AI-powered search.

Unlock the power of AI with advanced machine learning models. 

watsonx assistant

Enhance customer engagement with intelligent virtual assistants.


Our Services

At KnowNow Information, we offer a comprehensive range of services to support your AI journey with WatsonX, ensuring you maximize the value from IBM’s powerful AI tools. Our expertise and tailored approach help you seamlessly integrate and leverage AI technologies for your business success:


AI Strategy Consulting


Implementation Services


Custom AI Solutions


Training and Support


Managed Services


Government, Large Enterprise and Small Business

Our methodology at KnowNow Information is designed to suit organizations of all sizes and sectors. We focus on the discovery and analysis of data, the identification of process efficiencies through automation, and the strategic deployment of AI solutions to drive business outcomes.

Our tailored approach ensures that whether you are a government entity, a large enterprise, or a small business, you can leverage AI to enhance operations, improve decision-making, and achieve your goals.


Experience of developing AI software like Flood Event Model and Entelligently


Proven Track Record in deploying IBM Watson solutions like Housing chatbot at London Borough of Brent.

Have a custom project?

We can help you evaluate your business processes and explore the potential of deploying AI solutions to automate workflows and increase efficiency.

Our expertise in AI integration ensures tailored solutions that meet your unique business needs and drive operational excellence.

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Founded in 2013, KnowNow Information provides AI services and software development to organizations globally. Our team is based in Portsmouth, UK, with our head office located within the University of Portsmouth’s Innovation Connect.


Registered in the UK and Wales with company number 08781104


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