Enabling Local Context

Deploying the Local Government Automation Robot is all well and good, but to really make it sing you need to add local context – links to your backend systems and local information. Our workshops can help you to quickly create a robot specific to your citizens!

Citizen Value Workshops

The Citizen Value Workshop helps in understanding the needs and expectations of citizens, as well as identifying the potential value that the Local Government Automation Robot can offer. Through this process, the robot can be designed to provide the most relevant and helpful responses to citizen queries. Furthermore, the workshop can also identify any potential roadblocks and challenges that may arise during the project implementation, thus helping to mitigate any risks and reduce the possibility of failure. Overall, the workshop serves as a crucial step in the development of an intelligent assistant that caters to the needs of citizens, leading to successful project delivery and higher citizen satisfaction.

Why deploy eLGAR?

The workshop aims to assist you in recognizing the processes that can lead to potential cost savings. At the same time, it will also ensure that your teams have faster access to accurate information, resulting in an improved customer experience. By improving your service delivery efficiency, you will be able to free up the valuable time of your experienced employees.

Workshop Methodology

Our approach involves collaborating with your current service delivery teams to evaluate your current business processes. We then compare these processes with the capabilities of the Local Government Automation Robot. Through this assessment, we identify areas of citizen enquiry, known as Intents. These Intents are utilized to develop the best possible responses from the robot to meet the needs of the citizens.

Tried and Trusted

The workshops have been conducted numerous times for several UK local authorities. These workshops not only enable the functionality of the Local Government Automation Robot but also help in improving existing processes. Moreover, the output of these workshops aids in creating training material for both new and existing employees.

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