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Personal Data Consent Management 

Consentua is a consent management platform. It is used by organisations to ensure that they comply with Data Protection requirements when processing your data.

Consentua provides everything a business needs to build trust with their customers and meet consent requirements under data protection legislation

30m+ consent interactions to date


Workplace Environment Management

Entelligently improves the comfort of building users and reduces carbon emissions. The more you use Entelligently the more intelligent your building becomes.

As successfully featured at the city of Manchester’s CityVerve smart city demonstrator.

Ready to deploy in your building now!

Our Services

Consultancy Automation

Do your consultants spend too much time traveling and interviewing your customer? Does writing up the reports take far too long? We can automate those processes, saving time and money while delighting your customers.

Smart City Consultancy

 Through use of a standard design methodology we help smart place stakeholders to deliver a superb IT infrastructure that helps each place reach it’s potential without breaking the bank.

Chatbot Development

Creating an intelligent assistant that can serve your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is not as complex as you might think. Our conversation directors can help you to decide the skills that your chatbots will deliver.

Application design

If you already have your own software package, an app, or even just the idea for an application, our software architects can help you to plan for development projects as well as the required infrastructure so you keep on time and in budget.

Innovation Workshops

Have you got an idea for a new product or service but are unsure how to bring it to life? We can help you with the process of ideation or to take the first steps, based on standard methodology, so that you can bring your idea to market.

Business Process Mapping

Your processes underpin your efficiency and your overall business capability. Our business process mapping workshops help you to understand your own processes and where technology might help you to be more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

Data Management Canvas customers

The Connected Places Catapult

Line Undrawn

The Safe Check

The Maritime Innovation Gateway

Cambridge Electric Transport

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

If you already have a great idea for a new app, or your existing software doesn’t match your expectations, then get in touch today. We are always happy to spend an hour to see if we are the right software services team for your project.

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