cut the cost of providing consultancy

Providing consultancy is often costly. Travelling to the customer site, time spent interviewing staff and writing the report adds up. Automating those processes saves up to 85% of travel costs and time spent.


Better for your customers. Better for your consultants.

After this pandemic, nobody wants to spend as much time travelling. It isn’t just the time, it’s the implications for carbon emissions. At the same time, your customers have become used to working remotely. They are comfortable using forms and teleconferences instead of meeting on-site.

We can help you to replicate your interview processes with smart online forms that are a delight for your customers to complete. These forms are then aggregated and used to create an automated report. Your consultants can then review the report before sending it to your customer, all completed in a fraction of the time it used to take.


An example of Document automation. There is a screen showing the online form and underneath there is a sample of the resulting report

case study

Online DPO and the Express Privacy Assessment


OnlineDPO’s consultants provide Data Protection consultancy to customers globally. This has led to a great amount of travel to interview their customer employees. OnlineDPO grew concerned about the impact on the environment of so much travel.

The consultants themselves were often fatigued after travelling to see their customers. They would return home to realise that they now had to assess the interview data and complete the resulting report. This meant that each engagement would take roughly ten working days to complete.

OnlineDPO approached KnowNow Information to see how the process could be automated. The objective was to help save the environment, save money and, crucially, save time.


The first step was to conduct a process review using SKORE to capture OnlineDPO’s existing processes. This enabled us to agree with the customer on how to optimise the process and which parts to automate. 

We selected the best-in-class automated form and document builder Documate to host the online forms. The forms generated variables which we then used to create algorithms to score the employee responses. Documate’s add-in for Microsoft Word helped to select the appropriate text from templates created by OnlineDPO.

Report automation reduces the cognitive burden and  leaves the consultant fresh to review the output and provide their own value added insights.


Time Saved


Cost Reduction


Carbon Reduction


Time to Deliver

9 weeks


KnowNow had an ability to build out the algorithms but more than anything it was taking the time to understand our goals, the use cases and the business case

Shaab Al-Baghdadi, OnlineDPO CEO
Pen picture of Shaab Al-Baghdadi, CEO of OnlineDPO

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