Process Library

Ready to deploy processes that are common to local authorities. Built by our existing customers or by our expert local government focused staff.  All available to your citizens through eLGAR, the Local Authority Automation Robot.

A map of the LGAR process library. It shows each department at a typical local authority and the stage of development of the automations available.

Current Process Library

Local authorities share similar processes to resolve most citizen enquiries. Why spend time and money recreating these processes when you can simply deploy a ready to deploy process from the Local Government Automation Robot Process Library. Each one has been carefully created by our customers or by our expert local government focused staff.

Things you can ask

  • Business
  • Council Services
  • Strategic Services
  • Housing Benefit
  • Homeless Services
  • Planning
  • Property
  • Adult Social Care
  • Culture and Leisure
  • Bin Collections and fly-tipping
  • Parking
  • Council Tax

Things you can do

  • Newsletter signup
  • Register for business clinics
  • Register to promote your business
  • Look up your local councillor
  • Check strategy documents
  • Report a concern for welfare
  • Begin a planning application
  • Request a repair
  • Apply for a leisure card
  • Report a parking issue

Additional intelligence

  • Where necessary, route queries to the appropriate human agent
  • Flag inappropriate language
  • Natural language understanding to maximise citizen satisfaction
  • Curated responses from recognised subject matter experts
  • 24/7 availability with 99.99% uptime
  • Integration with existing government systems, databases and services.
  • Ability to automate your processes from a citizen-centric perspective.

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