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This last week we have been lucky to have Joseph with us on work experience from Cams Hill School in Fareham. He was able to work on a few of our current projects and describes the experience below.

Joseph with David celebrating a successful work experience!

Joseph with David celebrating a successful work experience!

Hi, I’m Joe and I have been gifted with the opportunity of working with KnowNow for a week.
I am 15 and I love computers and programming. For my Work Experience I was delighted to know that KnowNow were happy to take me on.

In school we had been had been using tools such as Raspberry Pi‘s to create our own minecraft servers.
I also was part of a club of programmers in our school. We use languages such as HTML and CSS to provide more online applications for teachers.

Using the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi with CamJam kit

Raspberry Pi with CamJam kit

At KnowNow I have had the privilege to use great tools. This includes the Raspberry Pi, the Arduino and the CamJam EduKit.
Using the Raspberry Pi and Edukit I was able to make ¬†LED’s that could turn on and off. I also made a morse code machine with buzzer that gave out the message SOS.
This used Python on the Raspberry Pi, which was new for me but I picked it up quite quickly.

I was then introduced to Bluemix, an application developed to build, run, deploy and manage applications on the cloud, where I had then made a simple static webpage.
Bluemix enables me to transfer the skills I learned using the EduKit and hopefully have a working dashboard on a Bluemix website.

In the future, I will be using Bluemix to develop my ideas further such as getting LED lights that can be controlled with a webpage on Bluemix.
I will also take back the skills I have learnt at KnowNow and use them in projects at school that would account for my GCSE grade.

Results of my work experience

In conclusion I have had a great week at KnowNow. I would definitely like to come back here in the future.