Much of KnowNow’s work involves identifying new business value for our customers in their use of data. For example, improving how cities handle environmental emergencies. It can also be helping a new business to bring its idea to life by helping them with Software development with IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud’s Infrastructure-as-a-service used to be called Softlayer

A mobile device demonstrating Software Development with IBM Cloud

When we create an application, we choose the most appropriate tools for the job. Sometimes for customer work, we will use the tools that the customer proscribes. More often, we are able to decide ourselves which technologies to use. Generally, we have settled on developing and hosting the application in IBM Cloud.

Software development with IBM Cloud

We like using IBM Cloud because it enables us to rapidly test new ideas. We integrate services quickly into our applications and get a fast start in building them. There are a great number of services to choose from; databases, single sign-on, analytics, and much more. The key factor for us is that these services have been selected for the IBM cloud platform because they are enterprise-class. This gives us confidence in recommending them for our customer solutions.

IBM Bluemix logo - we use bluemix when developing applications

Our Beathouse home monitoring solution was built in Bluemix (now IBM Cloud), as is the front end for the Flood Event Model. We are currently playing with the Watson capabilities that enable startups like us to access incredibly powerful cognitive computing that would previously have been far too expensive to experiment with.

Hosting with IBM Cloud

The Softlayer logo - we use Softlayer when developing customer apps.

We use IBM’s Cloud infrastructure because it provides us with capable, fast compute power whilst remaining easy to manage. You are able to choose shared hosting or your own individual, ‘bare metal’ server. So far we haven’t experienced any unscheduled downtime. We are therefore confident in recommending its use to our customers.

The KnowNow offer!

We are accredited by IBM for the resale of their Cloud Hosted Services. This includes both SaaS (the ex-Bluemix) and IaaS (ex-Softlayer).

We initially work with our clients to help them architect solutions based on their ideas. We then help them to develop and set up their application efficiently using IBM Cloud.

Some customers will be confident in setting all of this up for themselves but for those who would like a little helping hand, KnowNow will be pleased to help!

We are already working with customers to help onboard them to IBM Cloud. We have even been working on one customer brought to us by IBM who wanted to ensure that their client had all the help that they needed to get a fast start with a great new security-based application.

If you have a great idea for a killer application or want help with software development with IBM Cloud then we’d love to hear from you. If you have an application that would run more cost-effectively using enterprise-class cloud resources then contact us today on 02392 160640

This article was updated in June 2018 to account for Softlayer and Bluemix becoming part of IBM Cloud.