Our CTO, Chris Cooper has been interviewed by the Smart Community Podcast. The conversation covers the use of Smart Standards for cities, as well as the benefits of pursuing Open Data projects.

“It’s all about bringing great information and great actions and outcomes to people that put a smile on their face.”

Also, hear about…

  • Chris’s background in engineering and social science and how understanding people led him to the Smart City space
  • How Chris sees the UK embracing Smart concepts
  • Why Smart Standards are so important across the board, especially for collaboration and interoperability
  • The need to stay flexible while using standards
  • The emerging trend of open data being compelling to the everyday person and being used for evidence-based decision making

“If you look at some of the cool things that are happening with the open data champions… it centers around putting not just data out there but making it compelling, making it interesting and engaging people in saying ‘hey, look at this and what does this mean for you?’, now that’s cool. We need to do more of that.”

You can contact Chris on Twitter – @mobilitycooper or via chris.cooper@kn-i.com

Read more about our work with Winchester City Council in the article below.

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