Fantastic news at KnowNow towers as we welcome two new placement students to the team.

Fatima and Tiziana will be with us for the next 12 weeks and are aiming to learn a little more about working life whilst also improving their (already very good) use of English.

To get to know them we have asked a few simple questions!

So… Meet our new placement student Fatima Bel Bahloul who will be helping us to develop the marketing for Consentua.

Meet our new placement student Fatima Bel Bahloul - this is where she lives - Photo of beautiful Turin

Beautiful Turin

First, Can you tell us your name and where you are from? I’m Fatima Bel Bahloul, I’m from Turin, Italy.           What did you study? I studied international relations for marketing in Russell-Moro, Italy. Is there something you would like to learn whilst at KnowNow? I want to learn more about how a company interacts with customers and improve my English.   If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? If I didn’t have to sleep I would probably take a bike ride or I would roller-skate around the seaside.     What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue? I would get into swimming and travelling. What music would you listen to if you wanted to feel great? I actually like pop music when I want to feel good, so I listen to musicians like Shawn Mendes or the Imagine Dragons.
  Sofia Viscardi's novel "Succede" If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you pick and what would you cook? Sofia Viscardi. Because she is a great youtuber and she wrote also some cool novels. I’d make her a Pizza, because she loves Pizza.           Can you think of a surprising fact about yourself or something rare that you have achieved? I have the opportunity to be here in Portsmouth for three months. What is the most annoying thing that other people do? The most annoying thing for me is when people lie.   Which film would you watch if you could only watch one more film? It would probably be Maze Runner.       What takes up too much of your time? Internet but in particular social networks like Instagram and youtube take up too much of my time.   Meet our new placement student Fatima Bel Bahloul – What would be your ideal adventure? Stay on the beach to see the sunrise and the sunset.   What was the furthest you have ever been from home? Here in Portsmouth, because it is my first experience abroad.   Can you name something that everyone else loves but you don’t? Go to the rides. Beautiful Portsmouth Is there anything else you want to tell us? I want to say that even if I’ve been here for less than a week I already love Portsmouth.         Thanks Fatima! Can’t wait to see what we achieve together.