For most organisations, consent is probably the most used condition for the process of personal data. Many organisations recognise that they have to improve how they manage consent. Making the request clear and easy to understand, for example.Consentua logo and ticked checkboxes for to manage consent

Consentua provides Choice and Control over personal data.

Many people see the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as an opportunity to better understand the customer. What better way of improving your brand’s trust than via a clear and transparent explanation as to what personal data is processed and why this benefits the end user?

Consentua provides a clear user-interface out of the box. It describes data type, data purpose, and also the benefits realised. The target outcomes are better customer service, greater loyalty, and higher spending.

Consentua allows organisations to do more with the personal data under their control, especially those interested in direct marketing.  The ability to easily know who has consented to what eases compliance concerns whilst ensuring customers get new opportunities to interact with the selling organisation.

In the future, consent analytics will help companies better target offerings based on a customer profile.

Compliance in days not months.

I agree checkboxWhat if you have personal data in a number of systems, but only want one customer interaction to confirm the consent? What if you also need different consent requirements for different purposes?

Consentua can be that single customer interface and point of consent capture.  The organisation’s existing systems can then interact with Consentua as needed. Plus, as a lightweight, secure and easy-to-install API, the operational impact is minimal.

Multi-national organisations want simple yet consistent – low impact and high value. Consentua meets a number of requirements, from:

  1. Multi-lingual support – a single template can be translated to multiple jurisdictions/languages
  2. A multi-system accessible consent record
  3. Low impact and secure installation.
  4. The ability to share data with other parties.
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Consentua can also help manage consent taken offline

As part of service transformation and service delivery to your customers, their personal data will often need to be shared with third parties. This sharing often requires consent. Consentua is flexible and enables real-time consent updates to be pushed to users. Plus, Consentua can also be accessed by any 3rd party once given permission to access by the individual.

Your organisation may work with offline citizens. Consent is often captured on paper or even verbally.   Consentua provides consent capture for your team. It can be set up as a standalone service or embedded in another existing system. Out of the box, Consentua records how the consent was captured.

How Consentua helps your organisation manage consent

Consentua will be able to assist if your organisation…

  1. Wants a clear description of consent for personal data processing. Especially if looking to describe user benefits.
  2. Wants to better understand your customers. Increase trust and transparency. Improve satisfaction & loyalty.
  3. Wants to cross and up-sell to your customers.  With a quick and sure way of interacting with those customers that have approved.
  4. Needs to access a single consent record from multiple sources/systems.
  5. Seeks a consistent implementation of consent capture.  Support for multiple languages and jurisdictions.
  6. Needs to share data with 3rd parties. The type of data requested and the name of the 3rd party is likely to change. Flexibility is key.
  7. Works with offline users where consent is currently captured on paper or verbally. Transfer this consent notice easily to Consentua. Always available & easy to print.

But what can I do now?  

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Setting up is simple!

Do not panic. Consentua can help. It is designed to do one thing very well – the capture of consent from the data subject/user. Consentua is the data processor’s consent management tool and can be branded with your logo. The user doesn’t need to leave your own services.

Using a lightweight low low-impact API enables a quick and easy install into your existing business operations. It is available today and your first step is a quick conversation about your consent needs. If you conduct a privacy impact assessment (PIA) as part of your GDPR preparations we can help to build your unique consent management service.

How do I get Consentua? 


  1. Go to to read more or check out the demo videos.
  2. Contact the team at to request access.
  3. Prepare your consent template – ask us for help!
  4. Install the API so it works with your enterprise/business systems.
  5. Start using Consentua!

If you want to read more about the development of Consentua