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People First

KnowNow Information was established to make information useful to us the citizen and our wider society.

Currently KnowNow has two products that are keeping us busy.  These are Entelligently & Consentua.  Our products are broadly in the ‘smart cities’ space.   They make information useful for us.

Consentua gives people choice and control over their personal data.   Reassurance that consent to process personal data is compliant and audit proof.  Enabling brands to build trust with minimal fuss and cost.


Entelligently connects people to buildings delivering improved comfort.  This makes you happier and makes the building have lower energy use.  So even the boss is happy!

Consentua is used by Entelligently.  This is because capturing your comfort, your location and how you are feeling requires your consent.

Where to stumble upon them

Here at KnowNow we are always on the lookout for new channels and places to promote our wares.   Get in touch if your directory wants to include KnowNow’s products.


You can find Consentua in the following directories and listings:

IAPP – Privacy Tech Vendor List – Included in the 2018 Vendor list in the go to directory for CyberSec professionals.

Leading Edge Only – Matching innovation to business need.  This is the place to go and find some cool new tech.  Hence Consentua is listed here.

UK Cyber Exchange  –  Putting Consentua on a map of the UK’s Cyber business community.


You will find Entelligently registered on these directories:

Bee Smart City – Smart Cities database of smart solutions

IBM Marketplace – Because Entelligently is built on IBM Cloud