The KnowNow Information Logo as used in the KnowNow Information blog

The KnowNow Information blog brings you the latest news and features from our teams. It contains articles on our products Consentua and Entelligently. It also describes the work we do for our customers including consulting, software development and building chatbots.

We use the Divi theme for WordPress to run our website and this blog. Buffer schedules the posts along with some custom automation created by David.

How often do we blog?

Chris and David write most of the posts. Our partners and other staff write occasional articles as well. Chris will tend to post about the development of our technologies whereas David will predominantly post about the market use cases and the marketing of the products. Company information and press releases are published here first.

How to follow the KnowNow Information blog

You can follow the blog using the RSS feed and also follow the team using the social media links below

David Twitter – @david_patto

Chris Twitter – @mobilitycooper

Consentua Twitter – @consentua

Entelligently Twitter – @Entelligently

There is a good example post below

You are now a personal data guardian