Week 12 @ Cognicity – Pitching time

Group photo of our cohort

Group photo of our cohort on week 1 of the challenge in January 2015

The kn-i Pitch

After 11 weeks on a start up challenge.   One of the net results is a better pitch on what your product does and how you better sell yourself and what you do.    On the 13th April, David & I got the chance in 5 minutes to pitch to Canary Wharf Group.

Here is that pitch including a few of the slides we used.


Hi I am David & I am Chris,
Our proposed pilot puts local knowledge in your pocket for those visiting and working in Canary Wharf.   For Canary Wharf Group our pilot provides detailed information about people flow, security and assets in realtime.  This will lead to a better more informed insight  of what is happening in Canary Wharf and the improved allocation of resources that manage Canary Wharf.
Hello,  We are KnowNow & we are Smart City Information Innovators.   Our portfolio includes:
  1. Smart Cities Consulting.  KnowNow create Smart City Blueprints.  Making sure information in a place has relevance and use  – our Smart City Design Asset
  2. In home Sensor units for research projects – KnowNow design, deliver and manage small and large scale sensor rollouts.  our IoT Asset!
  3. Award winning – Flood Prediction Modelling  – KnowNow won in 2014 a UK Big Data competition.  This is with collaboration of the STFC and Our Big Data Asset!
  4. Finally, the new kn-i app –  Our Smart City Information Marketplace Asset that we have developed on the Cognicity Challenge.

What is the problem

Canary Wharf has a number of challenges that the kn-i app and platform will be able to alleviate.  Due to the nature of the population coming to and from Canary Wharf the peaks of the day are often long, heavy and easily impacted by an external event (service quality of the tube or the weather).

  • Peaky – very busy to very empty
  • Understanding what is happening in realtime across the estate.
  • Effective exploitation of the assets in Canary Wharf
  • Maximising land value

All about the place

KnowNow can use open data from the UK perspective, including from London (via London Data Store) and Tower Hamlets sources too.  Yet little data is available for Canary Wharf.   Understanding information about a place is essential to being able to influence behaviour and changing how people interact with that place.   The place needs to consider the outcomes they wish to pursue.   KnowNow can help identify the outcomes though our smart city asset.

How does kn-i work?

kn-i Home Screen

kn-i Home Screen

Well, when you land in a place your can either Eat, Sleep, Play, Go.   kn-i marries what is there to what you want  as kn-i has a special relationship with each user.   Which is due to the unique Trust function that allows kn-i to only uses the information you give permission for.

kn-i - Trust - NEW INNOVATION

kn-i – Trust – NEW INNOVATION

This means kn-i can give you what you want when you want it.   Push the slider to the right kn-i has a rich set of criteria and a perfect answer.   Push to the left, it knows nothing about you other than you want some information.

But this is not all, the kn-i app is also a new economic opportunity.  The kn-i platform and app is open.   The aim here is to encourage other developers to also write services for a place so that it can really come alive.  This creates a sustainable information marketplace for Canary Wharf.

kn-i trust screenshot

An example KnowNow has created to show off both this open marketplace and also allow Canary Wharf to be a differentiator is a new Augmented Reality service for the London Docklands Museum.

Cognicity partners

KnowNow’s collaboration ecosystem

A key strength of the kn-i platform is its openness and interoperability.  In terms of Cognicity partners this is demonstrated by the breadth of interoperability.    Our partners are diverse with a world class pedigree.

Our pilot will deploy the kn-i platform as well as the citizen application which will tie together the ‘place Canary Wharf’ and the 100k people who visit here every workday.

Fundamentally, by investing in your digital infrastructure you will improve the land value through increased footfall & dwell time and a reduction in location risk through improved insight of the place that is Canary Wharf.

Interoperability diagramKnowNow can deliver that value with kn-i.   Remember that kn-i knows who you are giving you what you want when you want it.

Thank you.