In the age of rapid technological advancements, the global job landscape is undergoing significant transformation. The World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs Report 2023” highlights the profound impact of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) on employment sectors worldwide.

While these shifts are universal, their manifestations vary based on regional nuances, priorities, and strategies. Using our home city of Portsmouth as a lens, this article delves into the intricate dance between global trends and local adaptations, offering insights that resonate with cities and regions across the globe.

The Global Job Landscape and the Portsmouth Paradigm

Technological advancements, particularly in AI and Machine Learning, are introducing new job roles and redefining existing ones. The demand for Data Analysts, AI Specialists, and Information Security experts is surging as industries globally adopt a data-driven approach. However, alongside these technological shifts, there’s a global emphasis on sustainable practices. The Solent Local Skills Improvement Plan mirrors this global trend, highlighting the regional focus on green technologies and decarbonization.

Moreover, while the world is enamored by technology, the enduring importance of interpersonal skills remains evident. Portsmouth, with its rich maritime history, exemplifies this balance. The city values technical expertise while cherishing attributes like teamwork, communication, and resilience. This duality, where cutting-edge technology coexists with timeless human skills, is a narrative that resonates

Yes, our focus has to remain on the development of the Solent as a centre of excellence in Maritime. But we must also look to include and infuse the opportunities of AI and automation. Failure to do so will lead to the failure of our precious position as a leader in maritime expertise
David Patterson

Aligning Global Trends with Local Strategies: A Universal Imperative

In an interconnected world, global trends inevitably influence local economies. However, the true magic lies in how regions interpret and adapt to these trends. Portsmouth’s approach offers a blueprint. By aligning global technological insights with local strategies, cities can transform global challenges into local opportunities. David Patterson of KnowNow Information aptly states, “While our focus remains on maritime excellence, we must embrace AI and automation opportunities.” This sentiment, of harmonizing global foresight with local action, is universally applicable.

Key Global Insights and Their Local Reflections

  1. The AI Revolution: AI, especially generative models, is revolutionizing job landscapes globally. While they offer efficiency and innovation, the unpredictability of their long-term impact necessitates agile regulatory frameworks.

  2. Specialized Roles in Demand: The global pivot towards a data-centric approach is elevating the demand for roles in Data Analysis, AI, and Information Security.

  3. Adaptability is Key: The rapid pace of technological change underscores the need for a workforce that’s adaptable and committed to lifelong learning.

  4. Inclusive Workforce Strategies: Globally, companies are emphasizing on-the-job training and process automation. There’s also a commendable shift towards inclusivity, with companies prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs.

A list of new jobs and jobs lost due to AI as predicted by the World Economic Forum's Future of Work report 2023

Portsmouth as a Global Model

Portsmouth’s unique blend of historical significance and forward-thinking initiatives positions it as a potential global model. The city’s commitment to technological and green innovations, as evidenced by entities like Greentech South and the University of Portsmouth’s CCIXR, showcases how regions can lead in global trends. Furthermore, collaborative platforms like Shaping Portsmouth exemplify the importance of stakeholder dialogue in shaping a city’s future.

Strategies for a Global Future

  1. Leverage Technology: Cities worldwide can draw inspiration from Portsmouth’s approach to harnessing technological advancements, emphasizing both innovation and adaptability.

  2. Strengthen Education: A global emphasis on STEM skills, coupled with soft skills training, can prepare workforces for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

  3. Promote Green Initiatives: As the world gravitates towards sustainability, cities can position themselves as leaders in green innovation, much like Portsmouth’s focus on decarbonization.

  4. Foster Collaboration: Regular dialogues between stakeholders, as practiced in Portsmouth, can ensure holistic and informed strategies that resonate with both global trends and local nuances.


The intricate interplay between global trends and local strategies defines the future of jobs worldwide. Portsmouth’s journey offers valuable insights for regions across the globe. By proactively planning, fostering collaboration, and emphasizing both technological advancements and human skills, cities can craft a future that’s prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive.

Engaging Questions for Global Reflection

  1. How can cities worldwide ensure that their unique strengths are amplified by global technological advancements?
  2. What strategies can regions adopt to ensure a balanced focus on both technological expertise and human-centric skills?
  3. How can cities globally foster a culture of adaptability and continuous learning in the face of rapid technological changes?

The Global Call to Action

The confluence of global trends and local strategies presents an opportunity for cities worldwide. By integrating global insights with local initiatives, regions can craft a future that’s economically prosperous, environmentally sustainable, and socially inclusive. The recommendations presented are a call to action, inviting stakeholders globally to unite and shape a bright and dynamic future.

Join the Conversation and Shape the Future!

As we stand at the crossroads of technological innovation and global trends, your insights and actions can make a difference. Dive deeper into the findings, share your thoughts, and collaborate with us to shape a prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive future for the planet. Let’s harness our collective wisdom and drive forward together.

The Future of Jobs in Portsmouth: Matching Global Insights with our Local Priorities report can be read here

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