Interview with Sally Thompson reference Launch & KnowNow

A case study from a customer who has used the KnowNow Approach. This is an interview conducted with Sally Thompson from Launch International in Autumn 2018.

1)  What business problem does Launch solve?

ST: “Launch overcomes the barriers and challenges to business to finding: funding, information, potential solutions, and new connections.   

‘Launch revolutionises the way business grows’.   By improving productivity through saving time and cost via the use of the Launch ‘Find Engine’. “

2)  What service does KnowNow provide to Launch?

ST: “I initially bounced ideas, where KnowNow ran a workshop where we validated ‘whether my crazy ideas’ are possible.  KnowNow gave me the confidence and resources to enable my vision to come forward. Incubated Launch through its early stages.  Now as the relationship evolves it is more strategic. You are our critical friend”.

3)  What is the experience of working with KnowNow?

ST: “KnowNow is very easy to work with.  More a partnership type of relationship. “

4)  What worked well?

ST: “Been able to test the viability of the product stage-by-stage, taking measured steps.  Always been honest in their feedback. Especially from stopping us from going on mad tangents.”  

5)  What are your plans for Launch in the future and how will KnowNow help you realise that?

ST:  “To scale and grow the business in a sustainable way.  Whilst recognising the national and international opportunity is huge.  KnowNow will continue to be our strategic partner in making this happen.  With an ambition that Launch is supporting KnowNow’s own business development. “