I spent most of last week at Level 24, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf.   I was there because KnowNow has been invited to be one of the 12 start ups in the Cognicity accelerator hosted by the crew at Level 39.  Level 24 is a new high growth start up space hosting the Accenture FinTech accelerator and 6 Smart Cities accelerators under the Cognicity banner.  KnowNow will be in residence at Level 24 until at least mid-April.   If we win our Integrated Transport Challenge, then we will be at Cognicity for a lot longer!Cognicity Banner

KnowNow is at Cognicity to deliver the kn-i platform.   The kn-i platform will tell you “What you want to know, when you want to know it, because kn-i knows where you are and who you are”.   kn-i is all about enjoying the place you are in, at that moment in time.  In essence, kn-i will improve the experience for the Canary Wharf citizen whether they are a resident, a worker or a visitor.

Progress Report

The first week at Cognicity was a whirlwind.  Monday was induction day – finding your desk, a quick ‘Elf n’ Safety and then a tour of Level 39, including the very plush lounge. The day wrapped up with a speed dating session with potential mentors.  These mentors offer a wide set of experiences and expertise from product design through to finance.
Cognicity has a dual purpose.  On one side is the desire to help deliver a successful product using Canary Wharf as a live sandpit, hence the emphasis on securing the best help you need from a deep pool of talent.  On the other is the trialling of 6 smart city accelerators simultaneously.  Cognicity want to repeat this exercise in other global cities, as well as build up a portfolio of assets they can bring to these cities.   Which means KnowNow could see ourselves at the next Cognicity city launch!  The rest of the week was taken up by multiple pitching sessions, with a 2 hour 1-to-1 getting under the skin of the kn-i platform.
View from Level 24

View from Level 24

Whats next…

Our second week starts with a workshop with Canary Wharf on Interoperability, alongside the tech partners at Cognicity Intel and HyperCat.   One of the outstanding questions I hope to have an answer to around mid week is clarity on the use case Canary Wharf want us to start with.    I view our engagement with Canary Wharf as an evolution.  All indications to date are that we are in this for the long haul.  Canary Wharf want a smart Wood Wharf development.  Which will in effect be a 10,000 resident community.  Phase 1 completes by 2018.  KnowNow being part of this development would be an awesome outcome.

Which Use Case

With regard the use case, we are pushing forward with 4 ideas for kn-i @ Cognicity and expect to deliver at least 2 for the challenge.   They are all focused on improving the experiencjust_kn-i_ite for the Canary Wharf visitor/worker/resident, covering the following:
 i) kn-i app delivering in app vouchers and advertising;
ii) kn-i delivering interactive way finding via a new digital screen – including new content
iii) kn-i app with an interactive game for a particular demographic
iV) kn-i  app with Augmented Reality to show case a particular historical aspect/story – (e.g. Docklands museum)

Other News

In other news from the world of KnowNow, we have heard from our friends at SoFWiRED we are invited to attend with them and man a stand at CeBIT in March.    The aim will be to show off our integration of kn-i and Augmented Reality from SoFWiRED.  This function offered by the kn-i platform is really good for improving a cultural/-historical  activity, for example bringing to life through the different ages a specific historical landmark such as some city walls.  i.e. – ‘Let the walls tell their own tales!
Also, KnowNow is starting a series of discussions with other cities in the UK and Europe about adopting kn-i.    Plus, we are in the throes of finalising our EU and Innovate UK grants.   Busy times ahead for KnowNow and kn-i!
Thanks for reading,  Chris