This October 15th, our Chatbots for Local Government Event showcases the project we have recently conducted with the London Borough of Brent. Invitations are open to all but the event is tailored primarily for Local Authorities.

Come and see how the London Borough of Brent uses chatbots to cut the cost of citizen engagement whilst improving the availability of information.

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Many local authorities are looking to lower the cost of customer interaction through channel shift. The London Borough of Brent worked with KnowNow Information and IBM to identify potential business processes that would benefit from the 24/7 availability of an intelligent agent.

This event will cover the end-to-end development of a chatbot using common tools and recognised expertise.

  • See how the team quickly mapped out the conversation for licensing Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) using Skore.
  • Hear how the IBM Watson Conversation system allows you to quickly build your conversation flows.
  • Experience how a chatbot can hand over the conversation to a human agent when requested or required.
  • Talk to the team and play with the technologies in our live demo suite.

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Chatbots for Local Government Event Agenda

0830 Light breakfast.

0900 Introduction to Chatbots – David Patterson, KnowNow Information.

0910 Case Study, London Borough of Brent.

0930 Capturing the Business Process – Skore.

0950 Watson Conversation – The chatbot engine – IBM.

1010 Bot to Human interaction – Tectonic.

1030 End-to-end development and how to get started- David Patterson, KnowNow Information.

1100 Close, demo, or One to One sessions until Noon.

This event has been created specifically for senior managers from our nearest Local Authorities.

All attendees at theĀ Chatbots for Local Government Event will also be given access to the KnowNow Information “Chatbot Starter Kit for Local Authorities”

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