KnowNow Information is pleased to announce that we are members of the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council, BCP My Smart Place R&D consortium. Helping the innovators (i.e. other R&D consortia members) and BCP council deliver new smart services and innovations for the citizens of Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole.

What this means is we are going to be involved in a number of new My Smart Place challenges. Ensuring that citizen data is consented to and is standards-based (privacy-by-design, consented to use of personal data, transparent, interoperable, and outcomes-centric).

The KnowNow support comes in two distinct packages.

The first is free access whilst projects are in R&D mode to our world-class consent management widget: Consentua

Consentua will allow new smart service innovations to get into that hard-to-reach area.

This is where you need to use personal data. Yet ensure compliance with UK privacy law and GDPR.

These are the new smart services that will make a difference and will have positive impacts on citizens and society. These new service innovations will be the foundation for new ‘Information Marketplaces’ that are described in the Smart Community Standard – ISO37106 (ex-PAS181)


It is essential citizens grant consent. This is why Consentua is one of the enablers of smart services in smart communities. Highlights of Consentua are:

  • Give the citizen a guarantee of ‘Choice and Control’ over who has access to use their personal data at the purpose level.
  • Enable sharing of the consent across multiple partners which will facilitate fantastic personalised service.
  • Build Trust between your brand and your customers.
  • Reduce Risk and be Compliant.
  • Programmatic consent interactions are now possible using the standards-based consent receipt. 
  • Easy to deploy widget and lightweight administration to minimise overhead.

Our second piece of involvement is our consulting on Smart City Standards. KnowNow are expert in the PAS180 series of standards and in particular PAS181/ISO37106 and using PAS184 Smart City assessments to help improve smart community project outcomes.


Get in touch with me at if your community would like to know more about using smart community standards or having access to Consentua.