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Flooding & Cars
Flooding & Cars

Knowing that it is going to flood is one thing.  What would be more relevant is being able to do something about it proactively before the situation gets out of control. Flooding is going to happen, no amount of barriers will stop some floods.  The approach is… how to live and adapt to flood events.

To help those having to live with the impacts of flooding KnowNow has created the  Flood Event Model to achieve this very purpose. The aim of the model is to give the user a probability statement of the likelihood of a flood event occurring at a specific location.

We are halfway on the journey to predicting flood events. KnowNow has proved via the STFC Hartree centre that it is possible to have a high probability of predicting an event.  With an accuracy of 85%! The next step is to see how valuable this prediction will be. It is here where the business benefit will materialise and provide the justification for running the model.

To that end, KnowNow in conjunction with the Hampshire Hub Partnership will be running a business impact workshop in September. Through role-play, we will capture how by knowing in advance if something nasty is going to occur, what would you do differently and

Hampshire Hub
Hampshire Hub

proactively.  The theory is that this type of action has a lower cost and higher positive impact (in terms of safety and infrastructure protection) than maintaining the status quo.

The workshop will measure the success of the new outcome against the current operational procedure. KnowNow will then work with its partners in Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service, Hampshire County Council, and wider hub partners (such as the Environment Agency) to implement a new proactive service.

Of course, knowing about a flood event is great for stopping people needing to be rescued from cars in flooded fords but KnowNow can also help other industries too. Specifically the new Flood Re organisation.

If you would like to know more about the flood event model from KnowNow Information then please get in touch via the “sign up to receive newsletters….”.  KnowNow will collaborate with your local open data champion and the agencies on the ground so all can take advantage of the new Flood Event Model information service.

Thanks for reading,  Chris