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IoT Dollshouse – visualising comfort.

We spent part of last week building an dollshouse. Are we mad? Our home monitoring solution needed an easy and accessible way for people to visualise the resulting data. Rather than build a set of flashy dashboards we thought we would visualise it in 3D using a non-state of the art victorian toy – an IoT dollshouse.

Article by Connor Moore – responsible for the KnowNow IoT Dollshouse project

A picture of the IoT dollshouse as being constructed by Connor

The Dolls House being built with the LED’s turned on.

BeatHouse – the start of the story

Companies are starting to realise that the data that they are creating through their business creates new value towards the company. At KnowNow Information we like to help these companies by consulting and providing data services that include data management and analytics.

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IoT and BeatHouse from KnowNow

This week we have been setting up a demonstration of our BeatHouse service at the IBM Internet of Things (IoT) lab in Hursley, Winchester. It will be used by ourselves and IBM to demonstrate how you can use their suite of technologies to rapidly develop new services using real-time information.

What is BeatHouse anyway?

BeatHouse - Grand Prix analytics for your home

BeatHouse – Grand Prix analytics for your home

BeatHouse is our name for a home monitoring and actuation system that allows you to automate the control of heat and energy throughout your home. Sensors measure the temperatures in various spaces and signals are sent to vents that allow the heat to be efficiently shared.

The name BeatHouse comes from the initial deployment – a new build home being built in the middle of the South Downs National Park. It is replacing the old police house that stood in it’s place, hence the name. You can watch video of the original house being demolished here.

The new BeatHouse is being built to Passivhaus specifications which means that it will be highly insulated. It will only take 4 towel rails and the heat from its occupants to provide all of the heat that will be required. This has made it the perfect location for us to test our sensor technologies.

So how does BeatHouse from KnowNow Information work?

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