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Review of KnowNows Rollercoaster 2016

What a Year! What a Ride!

2016 was a very interesting year from KnowNow’s perspective.   We made a decision to pivot, we won some battles, lost some skirmishes and we have made some customers very happy.     We also had to say goodbye to some old friends too.  As Dave & I both said to each other at our end of year review  “it has been a rollercoaster of a year!”.

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Citizens Now Have Consent Part 2

Part 2 – What is happening now…

The Business Case is warming up


Cognicity – the business accelerator KnowNow participated in 2015.

When it came to KnowNow’s innovative new consent tool what we needed was a view of the market.   We needed to move from a hunch to a viable innovation backed up with evidence.

A consequence of being on a business accelerator is that you take a more methodical based approach to your innovation validation.   This means fail fast and do the bare minimum and push only what has a positive response. Do more of that and less of the things that are not so positive. This is an iterative experience.

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Citizens Now Have Consent – Part 1

Part 1: The Story So Far

For smart cities to be considered a success they will have many different types of services e.g. for health, mobility, energy and crime. How services are delivered, measured and valued will be transformed and citizens will now consume experiences and share most things that were previously owned. It will just make sense that way. However, there is a big assumption in this futuristic view.  Consent.

What’s the big assumption?

That citizens will have allowed some quite personal information to be consumed, shared and distributed. Yet, this laissez faire view does not necessarily work for all. In particular when it comes to the European countries with the new GDPR, a growing number of citizens are hesitant about sharing their data freely, according to the latest MEF report some 41% of citizens have this concern. Yet a total clamp down on personal information use is not appropriate either, because no personal information share means no experiences and no transformed services.

So what is to be done?

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Number 1 on the guide to Startups for London Technology Week!

Number 1

KnowNow are the Number 1 Tech StartUp ranked by the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program at London Tech Week.     A fantastic result and recognition for all the hard work we have put in working with IBM Bluemix and delivering award winning smart city innovations.

Smart City Services Company

KnowNow are a Smart City Services company delivering award winning IT innovation.   David

KnowNow Logo

KnowNow Logo

Patterson (KnowNow co-founder) is talking about KnowNow’s BeatHouse and Flood Event Model projects on Tuesday 16th June from 6pm at the IBM BlueMix Garage on L24, One Canada Square, for BluemIx’s 1st Birthday celebrations.

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National Apprenticeship Week

As it is National Apprenticeship  Week we asked our apprentice, Connor Moore to write a few lines about his experience of working with KnowNow over the last 6 weeks. Connor is undertaking a Tech Industry Gold apprenticeship via Highbury College, is KnowNow’s first apprentice and third full-time employee.


Connor Moore. Apprentice

Connor Moore. KnowNow’s apprentice

Hello. My name is Connor and I am the first Apprentice for an exciting start-up company called kn-i, otherwise known as KnowNow Information. During my first six weeks I have been involved in at least four different interesting projects. Two of these projects being based locally and the other two involving traveling – up to Canary Wharf to participate in the Level 39 Cognicity Challenge as well as going all the way up to Daresbury for a project called WUDoWUD.

What I’ve learnt as an apprentice

So far these projects have taught me various skills that I didn’t know I had. First of all I was able to sync up multiple sensors to a Raspberry pi and manage to get the MQTT broker to stream the data to a computer so we can visually see what is happening. I have also been learning how to use GitHub so I will be able to set up repositories. This skill will be valuable for when I am working on altering information and code on different websites.

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One Year Old: KnowNow’s Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Last week was very special.  KnowNow has been trading for one year now.    Phew, David & I survived our first year in business.  Not only that we are cash positive and we have a growing pipeline of new opportunities.   Yippee.   Plus, I can see the marketplace warming to our message and wanting to consume what KnowNow offers.

This blog is really a summary of the lessons learnt from my perspective over the last years efforts.   What we are pleased with and what we would do differently if we had our time again.

Towering Cranes and Skyscrapers

KnowNow is looking up!

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