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Open Data Floodgates. Why the sad face?

So the open data world pats itself on the back by learning that the UK Cabfile0001817573697inet Secretary Francis Maude is releasing more open data.  This is brilliant news for both the Open Data community and for us as citizens.   Even better news from a KnowNow perspective for our own open data project WudoWud is the release of new Environment Agency datasets on realtime flooding.

file0001649209116I am however, still not happy.  I ask myself why the open data community is still looking at open data in an Everest like awe? We seem to be taking the mountaineers excuse for climbing a mountain, vis-a-vis the riposte to the question “why did you climb that mountain?” Is often answered “because it is there!”  In the open data context we seem to still be focused on doing something with data because it is available.   What is missing though in the open data domain is confidence in sensible measurable value.   A real reason for taking advantage of open data.   So what is the answer?

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Smart Cities. Grown up or stroppy youngster?

KnowNow Information has spent much time on developing Smart Cities and it is high time we had something to say – several interweaving strands that lead to a conclusion

  • The power of your own information in a smart city.
  • How by fusing information together useful opportunities now present themselves.
  • The cultural and economic readiness of the market to deal with this new phenomena.
  • Finally asking whether smart cities as a concept has grown up a little, or is it still in the petulant youngster phase?

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