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This Thursday, 19th September, we will be demonstrating our Entelligently Software at the IBM Festival of Innovation, Hursley, Hampshire, UK.

Hursley House - site of the IBM Festival of InnovationThe Festival will feature around 80 technology demonstrations from IBM and their technology partners. It celebrates the Hursley lab’s impact on development and innovation of the software that keeps the modern world running.

It is a great opportunity to visit the Hursley Lab and the historic Hursley House. You can also hear talks on emergent technology topics and the history of the site from experts and innovators.

We will be showing the latest version of our Entelligently software. Entelligently seeks to align the workplace environment with the comfort needs of the employees. It takes data from the Building Management System, weather predictions for the building location and feedback from employees about their comfort. 

The IBM Festival of Innovation is free and runs from 11am until 3pm. Parking is available on site but you need to register to attend at

You can read more about how healthy offices can benefit the workforce at

You can read our introduction to Entelligently at