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KnowNow Information Software

KnowNow currently have three software products that can be deployed for your organisation or applications.

Call David today on 02392 160640 to discuss how we could deploy any of these software capabilities for your business.

KnowNow Trust

KnowNow Trust is a microservice that allows developers to manage personal information within their mobile apps.

Developed at the Cognicity Challenge at Canary Wharf, Trust is currently undergoing security accreditation. Talk to us today to find out how we can deploy Trust within your applications and remove your worries about the use of personal information.

Flood Event Model

Flood Event Model predicts where emergency service resources should be deployed during extreme weather.

Winner of the 2014 STFC/ODI open data prize, Flood Event Model was developed in conjunction with the STFC and IBM. It uses open data for Hampshire UK and is seeking funding to scale worldwide

Visit the Flood Event Model microsite to find out more


Beathouse is a monitoring and automation system that provides grand-prix style analytics for the home.

Currently you can measure temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels and energy consumption. Personal health data will be added soon. We are then able to calculate patterns of behaviour for the house and it's inhabitants.

Visit the Beathouse demonstration site at IBM's Internet of Things lab by contacting us today

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