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Our Capabilities

  1. -Architecture Design

  2. -Internet of Things

  3. -IT Business Enablement

  1. -Creators of the kn-i platform

  2. -Internet of Things Expertise

  3. -Systems Design & Delivery

  4. -Collaborators

  5. -Digital South Champions  

KnowNow Information Ltd. help businesses to connect themselves, their assets and other everyday items to the internet and identify the value in the information that is created.

We work with groups that share a common interest around an area of information such as Energy Use, the Highstreet or Care Provision. We then help them to identify whether this information will be valuable and tradeable with other organisations. Sensors are used to collect this information where necessary and analytics software is used to generate useful insight.

Our platform, kn-i, enables just-in-time delivery of this sensed information and automates the trade where both the information creator and the information consumer are willing.

By using sensors, including the mobile device that you carry every day, we enable smart cities, working with companies like yours to get new revenue streams from the internet of things.

We are an IBM Business Partner and are also able to resell the technologies that we ourselves use to deliver our platform.

KnowNow is proud to be a Digital South Champion.- connecting business leaders to drive mutual economic prosperity across the Solent region

KnowNow Information Ltd,

Registered as a Company in England & Wales with number  08781104