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Work Experience with KnowNow

This last week we have been lucky to have Joseph with us on work experience from Cams Hill School in Fareham. He was able to work on a few of our current projects and describes the experience below.

Joseph with David celebrating a successful work experience!

Joseph with David celebrating a successful work experience!

Hi, I’m Joe and I have been gifted with the opportunity of working with KnowNow for a week.
I am 15 and I love computers and programming. For my Work Experience I was delighted to know that KnowNow were happy to take me on.

In school we had been had been using tools such as Raspberry Pi‘s to create our own minecraft servers.
I also was part of a club of programmers in our school. We use languages such as HTML and CSS to provide more online applications for teachers.

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IoT Dollshouse – visualising comfort.

We spent part of last week building an dollshouse. Are we mad? Our home monitoring solution needed an easy and accessible way for people to visualise the resulting data. Rather than build a set of flashy dashboards we thought we would visualise it in 3D using a non-state of the art victorian toy – an IoT dollshouse.

Article by Connor Moore – responsible for the KnowNow IoT Dollshouse project

A picture of the IoT dollshouse as being constructed by Connor

The Dolls House being built with the LED’s turned on.

BeatHouse – the start of the story

Companies are starting to realise that the data that they are creating through their business creates new value towards the company. At KnowNow Information we like to help these companies by consulting and providing data services that include data management and analytics.

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Sensor Project on Raspberry Pi

From late August and throughout September, KnowNow Information trialled the first five prototype sensor packs, built in conjunction with our partner and using Raspberry Pi. They are designed to deliver precise real-time and historical readings of various data to our clients from any location in the UK with cellular coverage, regardless of network – provided by our partner Mobius Networks.

During the trial period, we focused on temperature sensing. All five sensor packs ran for close to 4 weeks with no interruptions. We had one here in the KnowNow office, while the other four were deployed remotely, at two controlled locations. The flow of data was great to watch, with updates coming from each device whenever a change of 0.1° Celsius was detected; 30~70 updates per day per unit. In this respect, the devices proved both reliable and consistent:

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