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Citizens Now Have Consent Part 2

Part 2 – What is happening now…

The Business Case is warming up


Cognicity – the business accelerator KnowNow participated in 2015.

When it came to KnowNow’s innovative new consent tool what we needed was a view of the market.   We needed to move from a hunch to a viable innovation backed up with evidence.

A consequence of being on a business accelerator is that you take a more methodical based approach to your innovation validation.   This means fail fast and do the bare minimum and push only what has a positive response. Do more of that and less of the things that are not so positive. This is an iterative experience.

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KnowNow @ Cognicity Week 2

Getting into a Cognicity Groove

Getting into a groove

Cognicity Groove

The second week of Cognicity at Canary Wharf has followed two main themes.  The first has been a settling into a groove aspect.   Especially from the perspective of gaining a better handle on exactly what we are going to show off in 11 weeks; as well as finding your way to your desk from the tube without gazing into the many stores that tempt you in with their wares!    The second theme has been on better understanding the many competing aims the challenge is throwing at us.   With a superb workshop on being a Lean Startup that will help shape what the end result from KnowNow will be.

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