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Innovation Workshops with our CTO Chris Cooper

Innovation workshops from KnowNow


Does your business see innovation as the way to keep one step ahead of your competitors? Could you use an expert to quickly get you up to speed in the world of Big Data, the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0?

“KnowNow is one of just a few companies at the forefront of dealing with data in a manner that is suitable to the IoT” – Clive Longbottom, ComputerWeekly.com July 2015.

We are offering qualifying organisations the opportunity to engage us for a half day innovation workshop to help uncover new business value in your existing data and find out where connecting your assets will create new sources of valuable information.

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Flooding & WUDoWUD. What’s in a name?

 Flooding and WUDoWUD

Our WUDoWUD project has seen significant progress over the last few weeks thanks to the tireless work of the team from the STFC and IBM.

Car trapped in flooding  in the road

Car trapped in a ford

Our approach to the project has been to use historic data to help predict which areas would be susceptible to future flooding events. In particular we look where cars pass through fords in the road either getting the occupants stuck in their vehicle or causing secondary flooding for households as the bow wave from the car overtops local flood defences.


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Bluemix: Poacher turned Gamekeeper

This month has seen a momentous occasion in the early history of KnowNow Information. We have received our first invoice from our former employers at IBM.

IBM invoice for Bluemix use

First invoice from IBM for use of Bluemix

We use IBM’s Bluemix to create our customer’s applications. It enables us to quickly deploy our code in conjunction with services provided by the platform. As an example, if we create the web front end and server PHP then we can set this up against one of the available runtimes whilst using services such as the Rules Designer to process the data in a RESTful way.

KnowNow Information became an IBM Business Partner earlier in the year. The intention was always to resell the technologies from IBM that we ourselves used in deploying customer solutions. It is Bluemix that has been used in all of our customer’s systems so far and our Beta usage was converted into billable usage in late summer.

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