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Review of KnowNows Rollercoaster 2016

What a Year! What a Ride!

2016 was a very interesting year from KnowNow’s perspective.   We made a decision to pivot, we won some battles, lost some skirmishes and we have made some customers very happy.     We also had to say goodbye to some old friends too.  As Dave & I both said to each other at our end of year review  “it has been a rollercoaster of a year!”.

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Open Data pioneers

KnowNow have been recognised by the Open Data Institute as Open Data pioneers. Our Flood Event Model was developed solely with Open Data sources and still achieves 85% accuracy in predicting where emergency resources should be deployed in during extreme weather conditions.

Screen grab of Open Data email recognising KnowNow as Open Data pioneers

KnowNow recognised as Open Data pioneers

You can read more about the use of Open Data in the UK in the full report that the ODI have published. There is also a link to the 270 open data companies that they have identified from the UK.

Open Data pioneers – where are they based?

There is an interesting map of where the UK’s Open Data pioneers are based. You can see KnowNow appear on this map right at the bottom just above the Isle of Wight!

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