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Football – data is taking over the game!

Football - How Data is taking over the game

Football in times past

Football scores on the BBC vidiprinter from 1992.

Vidiprinter from 1992. I was actually at the game where Oxford beat Portsmouth. It was the last game before Pompey played Liverpool in the FA Cup Semi Final so perhaps the players could be forgiven for an off day.

In a more innocent age, football was often all about scanning through the Rothman’s Football Yearbook, poring over the results in your local pink ‘un and sitting in front of the vidiprinter whilst waiting for you Saturday supper. With precious little live football available on television, it was the scores and attendances that would keep you fascinated in the long wait until Match of the Day.

Fast forward twenty years or so and those scores have been in some way replaced by a slew of data and statistics on every single aspect of the game. How has this change taken place and where is all the data coming from?

A time of change

The early nineties saw a great many footballing changes. From the adoption of all-seater stadium to the creation of the premier league. All of a sudden there was an increase in spend within the game at the same time as computing continued to evolve and somewhere deep within CERN, Tim Berners Lee was creating the first web browser that led to the development of the World Wide Web. It was these developments that meant that suddenly, reporters were able to increase the number of statistics gathered and broadcast them almost instantaneously around the planet.

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ComputerWeekly article

ComputerWeekly LogoKnowNow is one of just a few companies at the forefront of dealing with data in a manner that is suitable to the IoT – Clive Longbottom, July 2015

There is an excellent article published on ComputerWeekly.com today written by Clive Longbottom. Clive came to IBM Hursley last week on the day that our BeatHouse demonstration was installed in their IoT laboratory.

IoT lab at IBM Hursley

IoT lab IBM Hursley

As well as looking at the demonstrations we had a wide ranging discussion about everything from the growth in requirements for data expertise to the implications for security and privacy.

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Smart Cities. Grown up or stroppy youngster?

KnowNow Information has spent much time on developing Smart Cities and it is high time we had something to say – several interweaving strands that lead to a conclusion

  • The power of your own information in a smart city.
  • How by fusing information together useful opportunities now present themselves.
  • The cultural and economic readiness of the market to deal with this new phenomena.
  • Finally asking whether smart cities as a concept has grown up a little, or is it still in the petulant youngster phase?

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