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KnowNow @ Cognicity Week 2

Getting into a Cognicity Groove

Getting into a groove

Cognicity Groove

The second week of Cognicity at Canary Wharf has followed two main themes.  The first has been a settling into a groove aspect.   Especially from the perspective of gaining a better handle on exactly what we are going to show off in 11 weeks; as well as finding your way to your desk from the tube without gazing into the many stores that tempt you in with their wares!    The second theme has been on better understanding the many competing aims the challenge is throwing at us.   With a superb workshop on being a Lean Startup that will help shape what the end result from KnowNow will be.

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Cognicity – KnowNow’s first week


I spent most of last week at Level 24, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf.   I was there because KnowNow has been invited to be one of the 12 start ups in the Cognicity accelerator hosted by the crew at Level 39.  Level 24 is a new high growth start up space hosting the Accenture FinTech accelerator and 6 Smart Cities accelerators under the Cognicity banner.  KnowNow will be in residence at Level 24 until at least mid-April.   If we win our Integrated Transport Challenge, then we will be at Cognicity for a lot longer!Cognicity Banner

KnowNow is at Cognicity to deliver the kn-i platform.   The kn-i platform will tell you “What you want to know, when you want to know it, because kn-i knows where you are and who you are”.   kn-i is all about enjoying the place you are in, at that moment in time.  In essence, kn-i will improve the experience for the Canary Wharf citizen whether they are a resident, a worker or a visitor.

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