2017 – From Innovation to Product

The KnowNow year in review

At this time of year, it is good to reflect on what has happened in the past 12 months as well as considering what the future holds. 2017 is the year we turned our recent innovations into products, providing new insights for our customers.

From our own perspective the highlights are as follows:

  1. The launch of Consentua, our consent management software, at VivaTech in Paris.

    Consentua on a small screen

    Along with fantastic feedback, we recruited several early adopters. With GDPR upon us, 2018 is looking very bright, but this is just the start. Consentua gives citizens choice and control over what personal data they share with a brand.  It enables organisations to be transparent, which builds trust with users and encourages a more open digital economy.   

  2. Entelligently, our new comfort management solution for commercial buildings completed a successful Energy Game Changer project funded by InnovateUK.  This

    Entelligently app home screen

    was with our partner PCSG. Next year, our collective focus is on delivering more pilot sites. This will help refine the consulting service PCSG provide and automate the decision support that Entelligently can deliver to facilities managers.  

Customers Products delivered too.

From our customer’s perspectives, the innovation to product strapline is just as valid.
  • MobileID has increased functionality of their portID identity verification service and MobileID_logomoved from Minimal Viable Product stage into a fully fledged customer-ready product.



  • Launch International have created a new dynamic “find engine” for commercial funding which  has attracted the notice of some A-list investors and is set for success.  

We have also been working on new innovations for future development. This includes a slack bot that can manage some of our cloud environments. For example, a timed shutdown of development over a weekend. We have also developed intelligent agents that can help local authorities to provide faster response times to citizen enquiries.

Plus, we  connected a Smart Citizen environment sensor to the internet and began broadcasting data to the world!

Smart Citizen Sensor
The KnowNow team would also like to take this opportunity say thank you for reading this message, and for your continued support and interest.   As well as wishing you a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year.  


Chris & David @ KnowNow

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