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Humanising Smart Cities – TM Forum Review

The wall as drawn by @Scriberian

The TM Forum Foyer – as drawn by @Scriberian

Smart Cities can be Citizen Centric

Having presented at TM Forum in Nice about “Humanising Smart Cities” I wanted to follow up with my thoughts from the event and discuss what happens next.   The takeaways from the event are:

  1. Nice is a really cool city.   The Cote D’Azur delivered fantastic  weather and I can safely say #ILoveNice!  Go visit.
  2. The future is API centric.  Not only that but the future is Open API’s too.
  3. The mobile telco industry is looking down the barrel from a disruption and change perspective and they are trying to react positively.  Honest.

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Apprentice Connor Moore joins!

New Apprentice joins KnowNow Information.

Today is a very momentous day for us here at the Innovation Space. We welcome our apprentice Connor Moore to the company.

Connor Moore

Connor Moore on his first day with the company

Connor has joined as our Assistant Engineer and will be responsible for the build and deployment of our customer sensor devices as well as learning all of the technologies that we use to support smart cities.

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Open Data Floodgates. Why the sad face?

So the open data world pats itself on the back by learning that the UK Cabfile0001817573697inet Secretary Francis Maude is releasing more open data.  This is brilliant news for both the Open Data community and for us as citizens.   Even better news from a KnowNow perspective for our own open data project WudoWud is the release of new Environment Agency datasets on realtime flooding.

file0001649209116I am however, still not happy.  I ask myself why the open data community is still looking at open data in an Everest like awe? We seem to be taking the mountaineers excuse for climbing a mountain, vis-a-vis the riposte to the question “why did you climb that mountain?” Is often answered “because it is there!”  In the open data context we seem to still be focused on doing something with data because it is available.   What is missing though in the open data domain is confidence in sensible measurable value.   A real reason for taking advantage of open data.   So what is the answer?

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Bluemix: Poacher turned Gamekeeper

This month has seen a momentous occasion in the early history of KnowNow Information. We have received our first invoice from our former employers at IBM.

IBM invoice for Bluemix use

First invoice from IBM for use of Bluemix

We use IBM’s Bluemix to create our customer’s applications. It enables us to quickly deploy our code in conjunction with services provided by the platform. As an example, if we create the web front end and server PHP then we can set this up against one of the available runtimes whilst using services such as the Rules Designer to process the data in a RESTful way.

KnowNow Information became an IBM Business Partner earlier in the year. The intention was always to resell the technologies from IBM that we ourselves used in deploying customer solutions. It is Bluemix that has been used in all of our customer’s systems so far and our Beta usage was converted into billable usage in late summer.

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