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How KnowNow is learning to export with help from the DIT

KnowNow was chosen as one of the top 50 export prospects for technology. We received assistance from the Dept. International Trade which has included introductions to international businesses, help in identifying foreign markets for expansion, and invites to Trade Missions around the world. This article describes how your company can take advantage of the services offered by DIT.
David trying to export KnowNow technology at the UK Technology Trade Mission to Malaysia -

At the UK Technology Trade Mission to Malaysia

Last year, the Department of International Trade (DIT) launched a programme to support 50 of the best UK export prospects. The programme provides introductions to new markets and relevant target customers. KnowNow was selected by DIT as a top prospect for technology.

We hadn’t worked with a government agency before we met a local representative at an event here in Portsmouth. As a technology company, they were keen to understand what we were doing. They wanted to see if a little help would encourage faster, more sustainable growth.

They helped us decide whether our technologies were appropriate for foreign markets. We then agreed a list of target territories and companies.

Expert export help

There are several different ways that the DIT help us.

David at a Department of International Trade speed dating event

Dept. of International Trade speed dating event

We receive invitations to government trade missions to our target countries. In November I travelled to Malaysia, meeting many companies over two days.

There are opportunities to have a stand at foreign embassies in London which enables us to meet foreign diplomats and visiting companies. Often they offer to work with us to help us develop within their country.

Our contact at DIT passes briefings on our technologies to the UK’s High Commission teams around the world so they can make introductions. It is also on government showcase websites such as which has led to introductions to several major companies. Check out the leading edge only page for our Consentua software here!

The help we receive from our nominated contact at DIT has been excellent therefore I would recommend any business who doesn’t currently export to consider reaching out to an International Trade advisor.

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Number 1 on the guide to Startups for London Technology Week!

Number 1

KnowNow are the Number 1 Tech StartUp ranked by the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program at London Tech Week.     A fantastic result and recognition for all the hard work we have put in working with IBM Bluemix and delivering award winning smart city innovations.

Smart City Services Company

KnowNow are a Smart City Services company delivering award winning IT innovation.   David

KnowNow Logo

KnowNow Logo

Patterson (KnowNow co-founder) is talking about KnowNow’s BeatHouse and Flood Event Model projects on Tuesday 16th June from 6pm at the IBM BlueMix Garage on L24, One Canada Square, for BluemIx’s 1st Birthday celebrations.

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KnowNow at the EcoTech Show

Speaking & Showing

EcoTech Show 2015 Logo

Eco Tech Show 2015

KnowNow have been invited to this years EcoTech show in Brighton on June 11th & 12th.   This will be the 3rd year I have attended but the first time I have been as a participant.  KnowNow has both a stand and also a speaking slot.

We will be showing off the Beat House project on stand E36, showcasing the technology and telling the story as to why we picked the components we did and what we expect to happen with this project.   Plus, I will take the opportunity to talk about some of the other exciting new innovations KnowNow has got involved in, from our smart cities consulting and design service, through to our big data expertise and the award-winning Flood Event Model.

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Cognicity Wrap Up – The Result

Firstly, congratulations to Voyage Control & PolySolar on winning Cohort One of the Cognicity Challenge.     Thing is, even though KnowNow has not won the competition I can safely say we are already a Cognicity winner.  How come?  Simply having been part of this challenge KnowNow has already won so much.   Has the challenge been worthwhile then?  Hell Yeah!

KnowNow is a winner too!

Why?  By entering the challenge KnowNow was given an an opportunity to stop talking about the kn-i app.  KnowNow went and created it!   Check out the  beta version of our kn-i app here

kn-i Home Screen

kn-i Home Screen

Two reminders:

 i) This is browser only still (runs best on Chrome);  

 ii) new releases & builds occur occasionally so if not available first time please try again later. 

My thanks to the KnowNow development team, Kevin, Tom & Connor for creating the app and platform.  KnowNow would appreciate any feedback on the app tweet us @knownowinfo

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KnowNow Final Pitch for Cognicity

Week 12 @ Cognicity – Pitching time

Group photo of our cohort

Group photo of our cohort on week 1 of the challenge in January 2015

The kn-i Pitch

After 11 weeks on a start up challenge.   One of the net results is a better pitch on what your product does and how you better sell yourself and what you do.    On the 13th April, David & I got the chance in 5 minutes to pitch to Canary Wharf Group.

Here is that pitch including a few of the slides we used.

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Week 7 @ Cognicity

KnowNow’s 7th week at Cognicity

CW March sunset

Sunset this week from Level 24

Waterloo Sunset

I am lucky in some respects in that I have seen some cracking sunsets.  With the evenings getting longer photos like the one above will have to be taken later and later.  Which is what I am expecting as KnowNow nears the finishing line for the Cognicity Challenge.  I am sure KnowNow will be following a proud tradition of all IT projects of working late till the deadline!

This week saw us focus on pulling together a team of fellow Cognicters delivering a Interoperability point of view for a pending visit at the start of week 8 from Sir George Iacobescu    (chairman of Canary Wharf Group).   How that pitch went will be the subject of next weeks blog! Plus, I had a great session with Luis Lopes on a Business Model Canvas walkthrough on our Augmented Reality capability that we are demonstrating as part of the kn-i showcase.

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National Apprenticeship Week

As it is National Apprenticeship  Week we asked our apprentice, Connor Moore to write a few lines about his experience of working with KnowNow over the last 6 weeks. Connor is undertaking a Tech Industry Gold apprenticeship via Highbury College, is KnowNow’s first apprentice and third full-time employee.


Connor Moore. Apprentice

Connor Moore. KnowNow’s apprentice

Hello. My name is Connor and I am the first Apprentice for an exciting start-up company called kn-i, otherwise known as KnowNow Information. During my first six weeks I have been involved in at least four different interesting projects. Two of these projects being based locally and the other two involving traveling – up to Canary Wharf to participate in the Level 39 Cognicity Challenge as well as going all the way up to Daresbury for a project called WUDoWUD.

What I’ve learnt as an apprentice

So far these projects have taught me various skills that I didn’t know I had. First of all I was able to sync up multiple sensors to a Raspberry pi and manage to get the MQTT broker to stream the data to a computer so we can visually see what is happening. I have also been learning how to use GitHub so I will be able to set up repositories. This skill will be valuable for when I am working on altering information and code on different websites.

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Week 6 at Cognicity – Reflection

Reflection now we are half way through…

The highlight for KnowNow on week 6 at Cognicity had to be the superb PR & marketing workshop. Yet again the high standard of workshops delivered by Cognicity is maintained. The other news was on the interoperability front, with an agreement in principle between KnowNow & Buzz Streets to collaborate on a use case for the demo day; as well as a very productive discussion with Milos Milisavljevic the CEO of Strawberry Energy. More reflection on those developments later.

As per the heading, as KnowNow is half way through the challenge perhaps now is also a good opportunity to reflect too.  What were KnowNow’s expectations and how does this compare to what has happened?  Plus what lies ahead in the next 6 weeks.

Halfway There

Halfway There

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Week 5 @ Cognicity = Focus


This weeks blog is a highlight of two really excellent workshops and some great mentor feedback.  Plus,  for the first time, the whole KnowNow team (that is all 3 of us) spent the day in Canary Wharf, more on that experience later.   Level 24 was busier too due to the second cohort starting, the buzzing vibe is getting louder!


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Week 3 @ Cognicity

Cognicity and KnowNow in The News

KnowNow was pleased to be in its local rag the ‘Portsmouth News’   this week which was great coverage for KnowNow and extends awareness of Cognicity down to the South Coast.  Our 3rd week at Cognicity started with a highlight – a workshop session led by Mischa Dohler.  It was a privilege to share stories, thoughts and ideas with Mischa for a morning.

This week also saw us entertain a few visitors too.   It is great having such a cool work place.  level 24 of One Canada Square.   The view is to die for!

View West from level 24

View looking west from level 24

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